Our beloved territory is a small area in the heart of Veneto.

The main city of Vicenza is famous Renaissant jewel.

Vinegrowing, born in Roman times, excelled with Venice.


The Hills stretch southbound the city of Vicenza.
They rise gently in the surrounding plain,
which extends among other two important cities: Padua and Verona.


Vicenza and its surroundings are renowned for the Renaissant architect Palladio, whose artistic heritage reshaped the whole region.


The city center itself has been declared "World Heritage Site" by UNESCO. 


Palladio (1508-81) created the concept of "villa Veneta", a noble rural house shaped like a classic temple. His example was followed by many.


Pigafetta, our fellow citizen, in 1519 was the first to circumnavigate the globe with Magellan, bringing our typical entrepreneurship and passion worldwide.


The basaltic and volcanic soil is renowned for its typical white rock.

It gives the wines a characteristic mineral flavor.


The climate  is gentle, as the area is protected from the north by the Small Dolomites Mountains and mitigated by the Adriatic Sea.


Bericanto is mastering traditional wines production,
as we believe our territory can offer true pinnacles.


Our vinegrowers partners grow 3000 hectares of vineyards. 

We are providing them a fixed additional annual contribution, meant to offer protection to their best production, coming from the highest hilly areas, where the water is scarce.